Realty Firm Chairman Kenneth Loeb Takes a Closer Look at Some of the Most Common Issues Tied to Pets in Condominiums

OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2020 / According to realty firm chairman Kenneth Loeb, as many as half of all Canadian households now own at least one pet, with approximately 40 percent home to a dog and around 35 percent boasting one or more felines. …

Business executive and winter sports fan Kenneth Loeb shines a spotlight on three of the world’s greatest places to ski.

After a challenging year for many due to the ongoing global health crisis, and with travel largely restricted, skiing opportunities have been limited or nonexistent for the majority of winter sports fans in 2020. …

Kenneth Loeb

Kenneth Loeb was fortunate enough to engage in multiple careers each building strength, confidence, and expertise throughout. Kenneth Loeb has been a successful

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