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Kenneth Loeb
3 min readDec 17, 2020

Business executive and winter sports fan Kenneth Loeb shines a spotlight on three of the world’s greatest places to ski.

After a challenging year for many due to the ongoing global health crisis, and with travel largely restricted, skiing opportunities have been limited or nonexistent for the majority of winter sports fans in 2020. One such individual, Ontario-based realty firm chairman and business executive Kenneth Loeb, takes a closer look at several of the world’s top ski destinations which he and fellow fans of the sport will no doubt be keen to visit once restrictions are lifted and it’s safe to do so.

“Skiing has been off the cards for many fans of the sport this year, as have vacations generally, as we continue to tackle the ongoing global health crisis resulting from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic,” says Kenneth Loeb, speaking from his home in the Canadian capital of Ottawa.

Still, Loeb and fellow skiing fans have, he says, tried to remain positive, instead looking forward to future trips to top ski destinations next year, or as and when it’s once again safe and advisable to pick the sport back up.

Taking a closer look at three of the world’s greatest places to ski, Kenneth Loeb first turns his attention to the Arlberg, Austria — arguably one of the universally best-rated ski destinations on the planet. “With more than 200 miles of trails, over 85 lifts, and hundreds of inches of annual snowfall, not only is it Austria’s biggest ski resort, it’s also one of the most renowned ski destinations in the world,” suggests Loeb. “It’s an experience not to be overlooked,” he adds.

Second to be highlighted by Kenneth Loeb is Murren, Switzerland. “Rather more traditional when compared to Austria’s Arlberg, Murren in Switzerland is pedestrian-only with narrow streets and timber chalets, but no less worthy of a visit, and regularly considered one of the must-see ski destinations by those most passionate about the sport,” Loeb reveals. Among the world’s most scenic destinations for those who love to ski, Murren is accessible only by cable car or train, the business executive and realty firm chairman points out.

Next, and third on Kenneth Loeb’s list, is Val d’Isere, France. “Comparable in size and scale to Austria’s top-rated Arlberg, Val d’Isere is, while a purpose-built ski town, wholly authentic in its feel,” suggests the expert. “It’s a great way to ski the Alps,” he adds, “and also boasts a Michelin starred restaurant that’s not to be missed.”

Skiing aficionado and realty firm executive chairman Kenneth Loeb has, he says, been fortunate enough to engage in multiple careers, building strength, confidence, and expertise throughout each of his various professional endeavors.

After acquiring his law license, Loeb became a successful litigation lawyer. He’s also owned and managed a thriving packaging operation with a proven record of success — a role that the business executive filled for more than 30 years. Elsewhere, Kenneth Loeb has sat on the board of directors of a publicly listed company in the defense and health field. Later appointed chairman, the seasoned executive saw the company’s stock price consistently outperform the market index throughout his tenure. He currently devotes the majority of his time to commercial real estate holdings both in Canada and the United States.

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Kenneth Loeb

Kenneth Loeb was fortunate enough to engage in multiple careers each building strength, confidence, and expertise throughout. Kenneth Loeb has been a successful